First show on the main stage!

The volunteers worked hard today so that the music could start right on time. One team worked with John to finish all the last minute set up tasks. Another team worked with Riek to set up the two soundchecks in the afternoon. The third team came in late afternoon to take over on the stage. They will handle the changeover and then close the stage at the end of the night. It is a lovely evening for some great music outside!

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Opening day!

Today the stage will be live and our audience will get to hear great music on both stages! The team has been working hard to get things ready and will be doing the last minute things today before the first sound checks start.

Thanks to all our volunteers who were part of the set up teams! The days are long and the work is not always the easiest but you came through!

This year’s photos have a home on the picture page and you can check them out–more will get added over the festival.

I hope you enjoy the music!

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Today’s crew was busy. I saw a lot of changes between my morning visit and my afternoon visit. Well done!

Activec was busy building the new stairs for the main stage. Andrew took a photo of the old stairs, in case anyone misses them:

Old stairs

The new ones have metal supports and should be better for everyone. Hurrah!

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The second truss is up!

The team stayed longer yesterday to make sure that they finished putting up the truss on the OLG stage in Confederation park.

OLG stage truss up

It looks great!

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Getting the truss up

The team has been busy this week! The stage cover for the main stage was built. The follow spot tower is up, ready for the four follow spots for Chicago. Today the main focus was building the truss structures for both stages and organizing the main stage backstage. It looks good!

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Many thanks to the wonderful people who helped make cookies for the stage volunteers today!

In one day, working really well together, we made 1508 cookies! That should fuel us well!

Thanks to Bill, Fiona, Doreen, Bess and Elizabeth for coming by and helping out!

Here is the list of this year’s cookies:

Best Cinnamon Raisin
Burnt Sugar Ginger
Butter Pecan
Butterscotch Salty Oat
Candied Ginger WC
Cherry CC Oatmeal Toffee
Chocolate Overload
Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters
Coffee Toffee Butterscotch
Cranberry Bliss
Crinkly Crackly Toasted Pecan
Crispy Salted Oatmeal WC
Dark Choc Pistachio Smoked Salt
Malted Chocolate Pecan
Oatmeal Cranberry Crunch
Toffee Oatmeal CC
Triple PB
World’s Best Gingersnaps

Here is the stack of cookie containers, ready to come backstage!

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Stage volunteer Meet & Greet

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out last night to Dovercourt for our meet and greet. It was lovely to catch up with the returning volunteers and to welcome the new ones!

John gave an orientation talk and included some videos and images of our set up in years past.

Andrew provided our safety training. As volunteers, we take safety very seriously, so we require all of our volunteers to take in one of the two offered safety training sessions each year. The second one will be at the main stage June 19th. It is always good to get a refresher on safety as it applies to our work and site!

Snacks were available, of course. We know that things go better that way!

It is hard to believe but we start working at our site June 10!

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The 2019 festival is coming!

Yesterday, the festival announced the lineup for this year’s festival. There are some changes to the stage locations and area layout that will affect the stage team–but they have not been finalized yet. Stay tuned as we figure out how to work best with these changes.

A major change this year is that there will not be any festival events on the Monday, giving us all a bit of a rest. That will be great!

Stay tuned for emails from John about scheduling. If you have not heard from him, please send him an email. If you have any friends or family members who would be great volunteers, please let John know as well–many hands make the work easier for all of us!

See you soon!On the Stage

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As returning volunteers know, the stage crew runs on cookies, ice cream and cold drinks. If anyone is looking for cookie recipes, there is a tab at the top of the page. Enjoy!

An interesting tidbit this year–some of our leftover cookies made it over to Bluesfest in a road case! Let’s hope the stage volunteers there enjoy them too!

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It’s a wrap!

Festival 2018 is done and our team worked very hard to make it a success! From set up through to tear down, we worked hard and made it happen. There is still a bit of work to do in the next few days as we pack up our own equipment and send it to winter storage. We also have to take down the large tent that covers the main stage.

You can find photos from this year under the “pictures” tab. If anyone has any they wish to share, please send JM your link to the web site where you put them (Flickr, DropBox, Google, etc) and I’ll get them and happily add them.

I really want to thank the volunteers who worked the last few days in the incredible heat. It was very hard to even think about moving, yet you willingly did what had to happen to make the shows work and then, starting on Canada Day, tearing it all down.

We (the coordinators) hope you had a good time and that you want to join us again next year. Please let JM know if you change your contact info or email address so he can keep in touch.

Here’s a picture of the ramp being loaded into the truck before it goes away.


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