Day 6 at the main stage

Today we set up for a big band and then waited. And waited. It turns out that they decided not to come in time for sound check but didn’t tell the festival… Oh well. When the 6:30 band showed up, they helped us move risers and monitors to get set up quickly so they could sound check and then have a break before their show. That worked well and it was a very energetic 90 minute show!

When it ended we had less than an hour to set up the big band from scratch. The team had the stage cleared and reset in 30 minutes!!! Cam and Ken and Doug all helped us as more risers were needed than we had planned. Tom brought them over to our tent for us on the fork lift. There was a piano tuning in there as well.

The big band started a few minutes late but that was outside of our control. The team worked really well together and the help was much appreciated!

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Day 5 on Main Stage

Today was another day of different set ups and different music. Both bands leaned towards country, one more than the other. So the instrumentation was different that we usually see. As well, both bands provided significantly different stage plots within the 24 hours before their shows. However, we made it all happen and it sounded great!

The teams worked hard and we had fun. Jenn went shopping and restocked us with drinks and treats. Thank you, Jenn!!!

Tomorrow is a big band!

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Day 4 on the Main Stage

Today’s concerts was all free and the theme was New Orleans. The crew got to do all the setting up and wiring as neither band had a crew. Hurrah! Our back line, which also made things easier. Lots of dancing in the park!

New Orleans night decor
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Thank You Kevin!

Kevin kindly came out of retirement to help the stage team out after a key member had to stay home because of illness. Kevin used to be with the festival many years ago and some of us were very happy to see him come back to work with us:

Kevin came back to have fun with the team!

It was a great pleasure to see him again and to work with him. Thank you so much, Kevin!

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Day 3 on the main stage

Today started early with a 10 am load in of Blue Rodeo gear. The crew worked well together and we got everything up on the stage deck very quickly. We assisted their management team in setting up what we could and they were able to sound check and set the stage for the changeover with a half hour to spare!

Setting up the Blind Boys also went well as did their sound check.

Tonight the crew will need to load all the Blue Rodeo gear back in the truck and will need light. So Andrew, Kevin and Cole built a very stage appropriate lighting system:

loading lights by Kevin Andrew and Cole

We could also use it as a spotlight when musicians want to go through the crowd, don’t you think? 🙂

We were very happy that the storms stayed away…

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June 25–Day 2 on the main stage

Today was very hot on both stage–the OLG stage wins because the sun heats it up in the morning and it never cools down all day. We experienced that in 2018 and 2019 when the main stage was in that location.

The set ups and shows went well and the crew worked well together. The second show started at 8:30 instead of 9 so the late crew will get to go home a bit earlier than planned. This is not a bad thing. 🙂

Tomorrow has two big shows and rain in the forecast. Here’s hoping it goes well.

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June 24–Day one!

The team has done great work today! We finished up the bits of set up that were left over on both stages and got the first two shows up successfully. Well done, everyone!

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2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 8, June 20th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 8 was another day full of activity.

Again, many tasks on the list, enough to fill the whole day and then some, but today we had three coordinators so things were a little less hectic for yours truly.  Also, today was the first day that Riek came in to help with the organizing of the back stage area.

The crew consisted of: Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Riek van den Berg, Ray Angers, Will Brodie, Don Dodds, Brad Evans, Kent Johnston, Taylor Morey, Stephen Popowicky, Adrian Raghuandan, Barry Sims and Doug Thompson.

While Jennifer and Riek took on the task of organizing the back stage area and managing the Wall Sound lights delivery, I, Ray and Doug concentrated on finishing the follow-spot tower, meaning adding a rain shield at the back of the tower and finishing the installation of the front stability pipes.

After this was done, I re-assigned my two partners in crime to the backstage area while I teamed up with Greg LeClair from Wall Sound and lighting, and proceeded to hang the light fixtures to the front of the Main stage tent. This took us well into the early afternoon, and we finished in time for a late lunch.

So with the lights hung and the follow spot tower finished, we concentrated on other small tasks that had to be completed at both Main and OLG stages.

Stephen was being kept busy with the painting of the new stairs that were installed by Petr, and the remainder of the crew were kept busy with small tasks at both Main stage and OLG stage.

With the tents up, it is beginning to look like there will be something major happening at Confederation park and the Marion Dewar plaza.

Tomorrow, the Wall sound lighting specialists will arrive at Main stage for 10am to run the wires on both Main stage and then go to the OLG stage to hang the lights there and run cables.

By tomorrow evening, both stages will fully setup to put together a light show.

Thanks you all for your hard work and commitment to ensure that this project gets completed.

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 7, June 19th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 7 was a day full of activity.

Many tasks on the list, enough to fill the whole day and then some.  We needed to organize the backstage cabinets, finish building the Follow-Spot tower roof (to make sure nobody gets wet), put the stage decor together, help with the lighting delivery at the OLG stage, clean up the trailer area (Put away the extra stage decor bases and stuff), and a few other tasks, too long to be listed.

The crew today consisted of Jean Messier, Ian Burgess, Brad Evans, Vaughn Hall, Paul Lafrance, Jason Sinkus and Doug Thompson.

The day started slow, with Andrew dropping in and helping me (JM) put together a list of things that have to get done.  The crew was a bit slow coming in which gave me a bit of time to think things out and ensure that everyone was assigned their task in teams or individual.

First item on the list was to hang the power block for the various work lights needed for backstage and speaker towers.  Brad and Vaughn made short work of this task.

Then members got busy running wires for the speaker towers and stage work lights, and performing other important tasks.

The stage décor are those flute like pieces that we use to create ambiance on the stage.

As things went, the backstage area began to look somewhat organized.

Lunch came and went and I (Jean), Doug and Jason got busy looking after installing the roof on the follow spot tower.  This task was made a bit tedious because of the wind but we prevailed, with Jason braving the heights to ensure that everything was secured.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the team went to the OLG stage at the Marion Dewar site, to meet with Neil from Wall Sound who was delivering the lighting package for that stage.

Eventually, regardless of the wind, the tower cover was completed and we went home after a hard long day.

All in all, a very productive day by all members.  Many tasks, too many to be listed, were completed, and the stage area for both sites is beginning to look like we are getting ready to host a festival.

Thanks you all for your hard work and commitment to ensuring that this project gets completed.

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 6, June 18th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 6 was an interesting day.  The #1 task was building the truss on the OLG stage.

This is a smaller stage and tent than the main stage tent but nonetheless, just as important.

After huddling by the stage trailer and looking at the plan, we received an amendment to the design.  This created some new challenges but nothing that this crew could not overcome.

While Jennifer briefed the crew on what to expect, I and Doug got busy measuring and marking the floor.  After this was done, the crew all got busy putting together the bits and pieces in preparation for the build.

We then gathered for a brainstorming session on safety and Jennifer came up with the perfect answer which we adopted.

With the help of ropes, stepladders and excellent team work, we slowly built one half of the truss.

With the experience gathered on leg one, we pushed on to build leg # two.

Then came the finished product, ready for the hanging of lights and other bright toys to make this festival an unforgettable experience.

Today’s crew was Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Brad Evans, Vaughn Hall, Kent Johnston, Paul Lafrance, Stephen Popowicky, Jason Sinkus, Barry Sims and Leah Smith

Thank you all,

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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