These are the documents that make this all possible.

First is our Stage Manual which contains all the information a volunteer needs to successfully participate in the festival.

Stage Volunteer updates – NEWImportant dates_2022

Second is our Work Schedule_2022 which shows when the volunteers are working and on which stage. This is a PDF file that contains 4 pages in total. I have removed all unnecessary columns.

For those that have Microsoft Excel, this is an 2022 Excel filtered workschedule . This is the same file as the “Work Schedule” posted. Note that this files is password protected and cannot be altered unless you have or hack the password. In case of conflict, the “PDF” Work Schedule above is the true document. I have added an instruction document on how to use the Excel filtered work schedule.

The above file will open without major issues as long as you have a version of Excel on you phone or Ipad. If you only have a file viewer, it will still open but the filters will not work and it will not be pretty.

As you can probably see from the PDF document, there are still volunteers needed. Contact John Messier at:

NEW – Open shifts has been added: Stage Crew open shifts update

It is important to note that in all cases, the schedule on his website is to be used to confirm your shifts.

If there are any issues, contact me please.

John Messier: