2022 Jazz festival tear down shift day 4, July 7th, 2022

The day 4 crew consisted of: Jean Messier, Guy Tauvette, Doug Thompson, Guy Larocque, Taylor Morey, Adrian Raghuandan and Tomo Iwasawa.

Our task today, tear down the SA 80 Main stage tent.

Our tent is lonely but will get a whole lot of attention today

With the additional assistance of Petr Cancura, James Richardson and Justin Kean from the office, we proceeded to take down the tent one step at a time.

Step #1 is to untie the cables and fold the tent back low enough so we can remove the back curtain.

Step  #2

Unhook the back curtain, move the tent in a safe position and fold it into a small pack.

We then fold the tent down, remove the cover and fold it into its pack, ready for storage.

Step #3

The frame is then taken apart and all of the components stowed onto special pallets for storage.

And finally, everything is gathered and loaded into the storage trailer not to be reclaimed until the next festival.

That’s a wrap.

Thank you all who volunteered to make sure that this event was a success.  We worked hard, heard some great music and went home every night being satisfied that we had left our mark on the festival.

A big thank you to Tom Corden, Chris Elms, John Cvetan, James Richardson, Kaitlynn Steele, Mike Laviolette and Justin Kean.

Hoping to see you next year.  Look for my emails starting in January 2023.

Have a great summer.

Jean Messier

Stage Volunteer Coordinator

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