2022 Jazz festival tear-down shift day 3, July 6th, 2022

The day 3 crew was a small crew.  Jean Messier, Will Brodie, Guy Tauvette and Doug Thompson.  Unfortunately, Guy Larocque could not join us due to a small injury.

The plan today was to finish packing the backstage gear and get ready for loading of the gear in the storage trailer.

Everything went according to plan until the stage strike team (Contractor) advised us that they were short personnel and may need some help to take down the stage structure in preparation for taking down the SA80 tent tomorrow (July 7th).

Working as a team, we made short work of the task.  After the break, the stage team went on to keep packing the stage gear and I (JM) assisted the contractor with tearing down the speaker towers.

The team was done packing the backstage area around 3pm.  After sending the team home, I went to the OLG stage to assist with taking down the speaker towers there.

With today’s work completed, we are now ready to tear down the Main Stage tent.

The main stage tent really looks lonely in the middle of the field but it will be getting a lot of attention tomorrow, July 7th.

Thanks to all for the hard work.


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