2022 Jazz festival tear-down shift day 2, July 5th, 2022

The day 2 crew included Don Douglas, Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Ray Angers, Tomo Iwasawa, Kent Johnston, Guy Larocque, Will Brodie, Guy Tauvette and Doug Thompson.  Unfortunately, Vaughn Hall could not join us.

The plan today was to keep cleaning up the backstage area, striking the Follow spots and tearing down the FS tower and finally, going to the OLG stage to take down the LX that hung at the front of the OLG tent.  We also needed to start packing up the main stage gear.

With the rain threatening, I and Ray proceeded to start the work on the FS tower.  Take down the two ladders that were lashed to the tower and prepare to take down the Follow spots.

Once ready, I added Tomo to the FS take down team, and had the remainder of the team receive the follow spots for repacking in their rightful containers.

With the promised heavy downpour holding off, next step was for I and Tomo remove the roof structure from the tower.  We kept at it under a very light rain.  Later, with Ray joining the FS tower crew, we took down the tower one level at a time while the rest of the crew busied themselves with loading up the Wall truck.  We then went to the OLG stage and took down the remainder of the lights.

Confederation Park looks a whole lot different after the Follow Spot tower and FOH tent are removed

Thank you all for the hard work.  We got Day 2 of the teardown done

Jean Messier

Stage Coordinator

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