2022 Jazz festival tear-down shift day 1, July 4th, 2022

2022 Jazz festival teardown shift day 1, July 7th, 2022

Today was a great day, and we got a lot accomplished.

Thank you Riek for coming in and cleaning up the cabinets.  After two years in storage, it was long overdue.

While Emily crawled under the stage to chase extension cords and then coiled each them, the rest of the crew were busy supporting the Wall lighting tech with taking down the lights from the truss, and later supporting the crew that was taking down the lights that were hanging at the front of the tent.

In the afternoon, everyone got into the action as we took down the main stage truss then went on to take down the truss at the OLG stage.

All in all, from crew call at 9AM to shutdown at 7:30PM, I am certainly thankful to all those who spent the day doing all the things that had to be done and then some.

As to the day 2 tear-down crew, do not worry, there is plenty to do.

Big thank you to Riek Van den Berg, Jennifer Barkley, Don Douglas, Ray Angers, Will Brodie, Tomo Iwasawa, Emily Plunkett, Don Dodds and Guy Tauvette and of course, yours truly was also present.

The weather does not look very nice for tomorrow but the train is going to be on time.

Thank you all,


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