Day 7 on the main stage

Today started with both back line people having personal issues and having to be off site, luckily not at the same time. But both were unexpected and unplanned so that complicated things.

Then the first sound check band had a different stage plot than what we had.. The manager emailed it to me and I used my device to show the others as we went along. This was key world with the Hammond, a Rhodes, a Moog and another profile. That was for one member. Another member had a couple of other keyboards and a lot of effects things. Fortunately the base was straightforward. The drummer had a pad in his set but we were expecting that. There were two singers as well. So the trio became a sextet.

We got it all working and then had to strike it all. The Hammond bench fell over and broke.

We dragged the drum set back, much to the dismay of the next band, who insisted this could not be done… It was and we do this often when the band doesn’t use a rolling riser for the drums.

The day team were absolute heroes as they worked hard, managed to deal with the uncertainty and had no lunch break, unfortunately. Luckily there was ice cream and cookies to sustain them. Thank you all!!!

The A team June 30
The Day Team, all heroes!

Then we set up the big band. That went well and they gave a great show. Lovely so see a local band on the main stage!

The change between the two shows went pretty well, given that I was the only person who had seen the sound check set up.

The follow spots got used, which is good. The weather behaved and the crowd seemed happy. 🙂

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