Day 6 at the main stage

Today we set up for a big band and then waited. And waited. It turns out that they decided not to come in time for sound check but didn’t tell the festival… Oh well. When the 6:30 band showed up, they helped us move risers and monitors to get set up quickly so they could sound check and then have a break before their show. That worked well and it was a very energetic 90 minute show!

When it ended we had less than an hour to set up the big band from scratch. The team had the stage cleared and reset in 30 minutes!!! Cam and Ken and Doug all helped us as more risers were needed than we had planned. Tom brought them over to our tent for us on the fork lift. There was a piano tuning in there as well.

The big band started a few minutes late but that was outside of our control. The team worked really well together and the help was much appreciated!

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