2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 8, June 20th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 8 was another day full of activity.

Again, many tasks on the list, enough to fill the whole day and then some, but today we had three coordinators so things were a little less hectic for yours truly.  Also, today was the first day that Riek came in to help with the organizing of the back stage area.

The crew consisted of: Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Riek van den Berg, Ray Angers, Will Brodie, Don Dodds, Brad Evans, Kent Johnston, Taylor Morey, Stephen Popowicky, Adrian Raghuandan, Barry Sims and Doug Thompson.

While Jennifer and Riek took on the task of organizing the back stage area and managing the Wall Sound lights delivery, I, Ray and Doug concentrated on finishing the follow-spot tower, meaning adding a rain shield at the back of the tower and finishing the installation of the front stability pipes.

After this was done, I re-assigned my two partners in crime to the backstage area while I teamed up with Greg LeClair from Wall Sound and lighting, and proceeded to hang the light fixtures to the front of the Main stage tent. This took us well into the early afternoon, and we finished in time for a late lunch.

So with the lights hung and the follow spot tower finished, we concentrated on other small tasks that had to be completed at both Main and OLG stages.

Stephen was being kept busy with the painting of the new stairs that were installed by Petr, and the remainder of the crew were kept busy with small tasks at both Main stage and OLG stage.

With the tents up, it is beginning to look like there will be something major happening at Confederation park and the Marion Dewar plaza.

Tomorrow, the Wall sound lighting specialists will arrive at Main stage for 10am to run the wires on both Main stage and then go to the OLG stage to hang the lights there and run cables.

By tomorrow evening, both stages will fully setup to put together a light show.

Thanks you all for your hard work and commitment to ensure that this project gets completed.

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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