2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 7, June 19th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 7 was a day full of activity.

Many tasks on the list, enough to fill the whole day and then some.  We needed to organize the backstage cabinets, finish building the Follow-Spot tower roof (to make sure nobody gets wet), put the stage decor together, help with the lighting delivery at the OLG stage, clean up the trailer area (Put away the extra stage decor bases and stuff), and a few other tasks, too long to be listed.

The crew today consisted of Jean Messier, Ian Burgess, Brad Evans, Vaughn Hall, Paul Lafrance, Jason Sinkus and Doug Thompson.

The day started slow, with Andrew dropping in and helping me (JM) put together a list of things that have to get done.  The crew was a bit slow coming in which gave me a bit of time to think things out and ensure that everyone was assigned their task in teams or individual.

First item on the list was to hang the power block for the various work lights needed for backstage and speaker towers.  Brad and Vaughn made short work of this task.

Then members got busy running wires for the speaker towers and stage work lights, and performing other important tasks.

The stage décor are those flute like pieces that we use to create ambiance on the stage.

As things went, the backstage area began to look somewhat organized.

Lunch came and went and I (Jean), Doug and Jason got busy looking after installing the roof on the follow spot tower.  This task was made a bit tedious because of the wind but we prevailed, with Jason braving the heights to ensure that everything was secured.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the team went to the OLG stage at the Marion Dewar site, to meet with Neil from Wall Sound who was delivering the lighting package for that stage.

Eventually, regardless of the wind, the tower cover was completed and we went home after a hard long day.

All in all, a very productive day by all members.  Many tasks, too many to be listed, were completed, and the stage area for both sites is beginning to look like we are getting ready to host a festival.

Thanks you all for your hard work and commitment to ensuring that this project gets completed.

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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