2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 6, June 18th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 6 was an interesting day.  The #1 task was building the truss on the OLG stage.

This is a smaller stage and tent than the main stage tent but nonetheless, just as important.

After huddling by the stage trailer and looking at the plan, we received an amendment to the design.  This created some new challenges but nothing that this crew could not overcome.

While Jennifer briefed the crew on what to expect, I and Doug got busy measuring and marking the floor.  After this was done, the crew all got busy putting together the bits and pieces in preparation for the build.

We then gathered for a brainstorming session on safety and Jennifer came up with the perfect answer which we adopted.

With the help of ropes, stepladders and excellent team work, we slowly built one half of the truss.

With the experience gathered on leg one, we pushed on to build leg # two.

Then came the finished product, ready for the hanging of lights and other bright toys to make this festival an unforgettable experience.

Today’s crew was Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Brad Evans, Vaughn Hall, Kent Johnston, Paul Lafrance, Stephen Popowicky, Jason Sinkus, Barry Sims and Leah Smith

Thank you all,

Job well done.

Jean Messier
Stage Coordinator

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