2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 3, June 14th, 2022

Good evening all,

Day 2 was quite uneventful.  We dis do some work but very little as there was still work going on overhead and we did not yet have access to the stage area but we did manage to unload the trailer and bring our cabinets under the tent.

Day 3.Today was a busier day.  The crew of 10: John Messier, Ray Angers, Alan Bolster, Will Brodie, Ian Burgess, Jamie Hockin, Tomo Iwasawa, Lucinda Lechasseur, Eddie Menard, Doug Thompson all got in the thick of it.

We started the day with tilting the tent forward to give us a bit more overhead room at the rear doors.  Then the scaffold showed up so we could get ready for our next big thing.  Building the Follow-spot tower.

All the pieces were counted and separated and we hand delivered the pieces to their selected home in the field. As you can see, it was a coordinated effort.  All hands were busy to ensure that the work was done safely.

So now that the stage is up and the deck has been painted, we can begin the task of prepping the space so the truss can be built in preparation for hanging the lights.

As you can see, the park looks great with the overhead décor.

Regardless of a few rain drops, good work today. We do this again tomorrow.

Thank you all.

Jean Messier Stage Volunteer Coordinator

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