2022 Jazz festival setup crew day 1, June 13th, 2022

Today was the most important day of the festival.  Raising the tent.  A full crew of 14 plus a few from site as well as Mr. Cancura, our fearless Programming Manager.

So answering the call of duty were: Jennifer Barkley, Jean Messier, Ray Angers, Alan Bolster, Will Brodie, Don Dodds, Jamie Hockin, Tomo Iwasawa, Kent Johnston, Guy Larocque, Susan Larocque. Barry Sims, Doug Thompson as well as Mark and Michelle Fryars.

All members worked hard to keep to the schedule.

Laid out the pieces

Built the main frame

And raised the tent

Hard working crew that go things done.

Thank you all.

Jean Messier

Stage Volunteer Coordinator

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