Ottawa Jazz Festival 2021 at Moore Farm, Day 4, Aug 22

Jazz festival 2021

Moore Farm estate – day 4 – August 22nd, 2021

So today was day 4 of the “in-person” jazz festival at both Confederation Park in Ottawa, and the Moore Farm estate in Gatineau.

Our stage crew tonight were Taylor Morey, Guy Tauvette and Sally McIntyre and George Nenonen, along with Dough Thompson to assist with the stage audio teardown..

For day 4 at Moore Farm, we had the luxury of hosting Jack Pine & the Fire.

Great music all around, got the audience foot stomping, worth of 3 encores .

Of course, day 4 was no different than day 3 or 2 or day 1.  Sold out crowd that braved the heat and humidity to hear great music.

Nevertheless, Jack and the group entertained, told stories and everyone had fun

This is a wrap.

Thank you all for your support

Jean Messier

Stage Coordinator

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