Ottawa Jazz Festival 2021 at Moore Farm, Day 3

Moore Farm estate – day 3 – August 21th, 2021

So today was day 3 of the “in-person” jazz festival at both Confederation Park in Ottawa, and the Moore Farm estate in Gatineau.

Our stage crew tonight were Taylor Morey, Guy Tauvette and Dough Thompson.

For day 3 at Moore Farm, we had the luxury of hosting Meagan Jerome and the Together ensemble.

Great entertainer, had a great time practicing her French.  Mais oui!

Of course, day 3 was no different than day 2, sold out crowd that braved the heat and humidity to hear great music.  The difference tonight, we brought in some fans to move the air around.  They were directed upwards, towards the rafters.

Nevertheless, Megan had a great repertoire with some salty lyrics but all was in good humor.

See you on Sunday, Aug 22nd.

Jean Messier

Stage Coordinator

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