Day 2 at Moore estate Farm

So today was day 2 of the “in-person” jazz festival at both Confederation Park in Ottawa, and the Moore Farm estate in Gatineau.

Our stage crew tonight were Taylor Morey, Guy Tauvette, Michael Lechasseur and George Nenonen.

For day 2 at Moore Farm, we had the luxury of hosting Birdie Whyte.

Great entertainer, each song has a story.

Quote of the night: “I’ve been to the beach and I’ve been in the sauna, but never both at the same time”.  It was a steamy night in the barn and even the small fans blowing air on the stage were not enough to keep the sweat from running down everyone’s brow.

Of course, day 2 was no different than day 1, sold out crowd that braved the heat and humidity to hear great music.

Nevertheless, Birdie prevailed and gave the audience a great show worth of encores.

The festival contimues tomorrow evening, August 21st, 2021, 18:00 hrs, at Moore Farm.

We will be hosting the Megan Jerome/ the Together ensemble.  Show starts at 18:00 hrs

Book your tickets at the Ottawa Jazz Festival website 

See you on Saturday.

Jean Messier

Stage Coordinator

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