First day, late night

Odd to say late night when the late show is at 5pm.

After yesterday’s set up of the stage, today we populated that stage. It was great to see the balloon entranceway and signage. It’s been a long time, but stepping in to set up the band was like riding a bike.

A colourful welcome back.

The band was a simple quartet, not even a singer. Doug had the sound sorted. Our crew attended to the needs of the band and solved a few problems: fixing keyboard stand issues with cardboard and gaffer tape, and scrounging up a drum carpet.

Setting up.

The show went off on time. It was nice to hear live music again. The crowed enjoyed it immensely.

Sound check.

Strike was almost too efficient! We had the stage cleared, band removed and tent closed up in twenty minutes, a time that could be tough to beat, especially tomorrow with a much larger band on the stage.

Thanks to the efficient work of Larry, Andrew, Stephen and Jennifer for making it an easy evening.


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