From the festival to all volunteers

Here’s a letter from John Cvetan, Volunteer Coordinator, to all of the festival’s volunteers:

To all our wonderful Volunteers,

To the many wonderful people, young and old, from many professional and cultural backgrounds giving up their time for 10 days to volunteer at the Jazz Festival, I say thank you. I say thank you to everyone who has made this festival what it is today. Every volunteer’s actions no matter how small or large is key to our success.

It will be sad not seeing familiar faces around the park this year due to COVID-19, but we can share a special “once in a 100 years” moment together with “Tenacity”, our virtual music festival for 2020, starting June 19th.

I want to reassure everyone that your positions will wait for you next year. So practice driving around town, looking at all the different hotels, pouring beers to your family (or yourself), move random heavy objects back and forth and then, back again, practice your sales techniques, use your phones and scan another friend’s phone, build stages for the local kids on the street and then show them how to properly put away an extension cord, perfect your bbq techniques, and finally stack and unstack chairs (even move them around to different parts of your home). All this and more will wait for you in 2021!

Be strong, stay safe and be positive! We will be together again.

Warmest regards,

  Ottawa Jazz Festival
602-294 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6E6

We will miss him too!

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