Memories of Henry Jaques

Lifetime gold passes

These are comments and memories of our dear friend and colleague, Henry Jaques, shared by stage volunteers:

I am so very sorry to hear this news. I only volunteered at the festival for two summers, but Henry made a big impact with his professionalism, patience, and understated humour. My condolences to his family and all of those he leaves behind.  ND

My condolences to the family and friends of Henry. I know him as a festival volunteer and grew to realize that the festival owes a great deal of it’s success to his dedication and mentoring.  ES

I’m remembering working together with the stage crew last summer and feeling very impressed how a team of mostly elder men, some new to the scene, could work together so well and leave their egos at the door!

For me Henry set that tone and I was immediately impressed not just by his mechanical abilities to figure out how to put the giant meccano set together, but his gentle humility.

I look forward to joining you all this year and to continue his and all of our legacies by building the Jazz Fest set for our music community.  NH

I met Henry last year and remarked on how integral he was to setting up the stage and grounds. He was gracious with newbies like me, sharing info and experience easily. Now it’s up to us to continue with the Jazz Fest, remembering Henry, his commitment to the festival, and his attention to detail. Sincere condolences to Henry’s family, friends and associates. AR

My condolences. He ran a tight fair ship and was caring and patient.  PZ

Very sad to hear. Henry was always one of my favourite people to work with, a huge loss for the festival as others have already attested to. Please express my condolences to his family and friends outside of the festival. CJ

I am sitting here in shock and sadness.

I met Henry at the OIJF in 1993 and then in 1994 I became a Main Stage Crew member so I have known him for many years.
His good, diligent and hard work was an inspiration to me. I was always impressed at his problem-solving and managerial skills. He was congenial, approachable, encouraging and in good humour. I admired and respected how he, along with Riek, Andrew and you, trained the crew members and kept them informed. This resulted in a lasting camaraderie and friendship amongst the crew and repeat volunteers. It was always a pleasure to work with Henry. His experience and dedication as a Stage Crew Coordinator and Past President of the OJF have had a huge and positive impact on the crew and the OJF as a whole. He will be so missed and I cannot imagine an OJF without him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Margaret and family. CM

What a shock this was. ML

I am very sorry to hear about Henry. Please extend my condolences to his family. May he Rest In Peace. SB

I can’t actually put words on my paper without it being soaked in tears. LB

I truly enjoyed working with Henry mostly on site setup for the festival. He took a keen interest in the tasks that needed to be accomplished in a day and that they were done safely and correctly. He was also interested at a personal level in his crew and finding out where they were from, their education, their work, their travels and what they did for fun. Henry’s persona radiated calm and support. I will miss him.  DT

OH NO. The worst news possible – my heart goes out to Henry’s family and all who knew him. He was an amazing, dedicated man and the Ottawa Jazz Festival will be the poorer for his loss.

Henry was the person who first got me into the festival – and for all that he had so many major responsibilities, he was always ready to help the newest volunteer, sharing his knowledge and experience and making each one feel like an invaluable member of the team.

I will miss him – it felt like he was an old friend from the moment I met him. The Festival will never be quite the same, although his legacy is written all over it.

Enjoy the music up there, Henry.

With much love and admiration, GW

I’m so very sad to hear of Henry’s passing. He was such a sweet and kind man and will be deeply missed. My thoughts and condolences to his dear family and friends.   JMK

My sincerest condolences to Madame Margaret. SH


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