Stormy day

Today we had the pleasure of hosting the National Arts Centre Orchestra on our stage as they played with Omara Portuondo and her group as part of Omara’s Last Kiss tour.  As usual, hosting the orchestra takes some extra work.

This started last night when the team cleared off the stage and took down the back drape as the whole stage would be needed for performance space. It was great to come in this morning and have things ready to go!

We unloaded the NAC truck and then it was time to start. Before the truck arrived, we placed the piano and other backline for Omara’s group. That gave the orchestra somewhere to start from.

The set up went well, until we got to line checking the mics. There seemed to be an issue with several of them. It seemed what they had in common was that they all required phantom power. After some trouble shooting, it turned out that the monitor rack was dead! That’s a first for us. Luckily there was a spare and John had us up and running in no time.

The next exciting event was the storm that rolled in, unexpectedly! No warning, not in the forecast. It just decided to happen. For two hours, heavy rain, thunder and lightening! We couldn’t proceed with the sound check and had to protect the stage. Luckily no one got hurt and nothing was damaged.

It was all worth it when Omara took the stage in front of an adoring audience.

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