It’s a wrap!

Festival 2018 is done and our team worked very hard to make it a success! From set up through to tear down, we worked hard and made it happen. There is still a bit of work to do in the next few days as we pack up our own equipment and send it to winter storage. We also have to take down the large tent that covers the main stage.

You can find photos from this year under the “pictures” tab. If anyone has any they wish to share, please send JM your link to the web site where you put them (Flickr, DropBox, Google, etc) and I’ll get them and happily add them.

I really want to thank the volunteers who worked the last few days in the incredible heat. It was very hard to even think about moving, yet you willingly did what had to happen to make the shows work and then, starting on Canada Day, tearing it all down.

We (the coordinators) hope you had a good time and that you want to join us again next year. Please let JM know if you change your contact info or email address so he can keep in touch.

Here’s a picture of the ramp being loaded into the truck before it goes away.


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