Stage crew Progress June 18, 2018

On this day, after a rain delay of 30+ minutes and waiting for the local contractor to deliver the remaining parts to build the Tartan truss system and finalize the Main stage truss, things went fairly well.

First came the roll call and the distribution of work however, the weather had other plans and decided to weigh in with a 30 minute heavy downpour that tested our newly installed gutter system which of course, required real time adjustments (yes we did get wet trying to keep everyone dry).

Once this was done, the complete workforce proceeded to the Tartan tent and worked on finishing the truss.  Noon came and hungry mouths devoured Riek’s sandwiches and desserts. Of course, cookies were had by all.

After lunch the crew worked hard do to complete the Tartan stage truss.

Another hard day at the office.

Tartan Stage Truss

Thank you all,

Tomorrow, the Apex sound gear arrives.  We build the sound and monitor infrastructure, hang lights and continue to work on the small things that have been missed.

Festival is 2 days away after tomorrow.


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