Stage crew June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s day to all fathers that worked today

All went fairly well today.

Thanks to the 11 hardworking volunteers (happy father’s day) today, the stage crew accomplished a lot.

The Follow spot scaffold was completed.

Because we cannot use our regular spiked bracing system, we had to use cement blocks on the bottom platform of the Follow Spot tower.  Of course, we had to brace the platform.  Phil and Alan worked hard in the sun to complete the tower roof and safety bracing.

Follow Spot tower

Our wood supplies, Drum rugs and accessories have now been moved to stage left where there is actually more space


Our stage contactor (Activec) finished building the stage deck at the Tartan tent and we were able to bring in the stage truss for that stage and bolt it together.  We are still missing some truss pieces for that stage but those will be delivered tomorrow (Warning for the Monday crew).  Of course, Activec still has to finish painting the Tartan stage

Tartan Stage is up

Hopefully, Monday (tomorrow June 18th) we will get our fence for back stage and be able to finish that part.  Also, we hope that Wall sound will make good on their promise to deliver the remainder of the Tartan stage truss so we can build it.

crew tent going up

Also, the crew today was busy building the most important item in the stage team list, and that is the stage team shelter.

crew tent is up

As you can see above, at first the tent seems to be at a slant but eventually, Riek got the team working together and it got somewhat levelled.  Hey it works for Jazz.


Thank you all.

John Messier
Fellow stage team member


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