Saturday’s progress

The Shifts Schedule is looking good. We still have some issues but as of now, we have 56 members that have committed to at least 5 shifts. Please let John know if you can fill any of the remaining shifts!

The set up is going well. You can see photos of the progress under the pictures tab.

As of June 16th, the crew had built the speaker towers and the Follow Spot tower. Also, many thanks to Andrew Hamlin, the truss for both stage was picked up and delivered on Friday June 15th. As a result, we were able to assemble and erect the truss for the Main stage on Saturday June 17th. We were also able to acquire an appropriate a number of risers which we piled up backstage.

We assembled rolling risers and prepared to deliver the remaining truss to the Tamarack tent on Sunday 17th.

Thank you to the June 16th team for the hard work.

Riek, Dorothy and Jennifer accommodated the backstage area under the festival tent. This involves the preparation and organization of “our” work space in the stage tent.

On Sunday June 17th, the members on shift will be very busy building the truss on Laurier stage, finalizing the Follow-spot tower and building our volunteer meeting tent.

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