Stage crew progress June 15, 2018

All went as planned today.

Thanks to the 8 hardworking souls today, the stage crew accomplished a lot.

The scaffold was delivered on time and all of the towers required for the festival were build, ready to receive their residents (speaker stacks and follow spots).

picture 1

Our stage contactor (Activec) worked back stage to build us a floor so we would not have to work on soggy soil, and almost finished painting the stage before they ran out of paint.

All of the cabinets are back stage and just need to be levelled.  We began running wires under the stage but ran out of time.

back stage

Our wood supplies and accessories have now been moved to stage left where there is actually more space.

Andrew and Joseluis went to Wall Sound and collected our stage truss and all is now ready for the larger crew tomorrow when we can actually prepare the truss corner plates and blocks and who knows, maybe get the Main stage built so we can then concentrate on the Tartan truss.


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