The festival has been wrapped up.

Today, July 6th, was officially the day the 36th Ottawa Jazz Festival came down.

Volunteers began to stream in at 8AM and began the process of unhooking the safety cables holding the front of the tent and folding the tent.


Of course, once the tent was down, the rear curtain had to be taken out and folded.

Next step is to take the frame apart (just like a giant mecano set) and put away all of the small pieces.


Then came the tent cover which had to also be folded.  There is process to follow here and Clint (the pro) led all of the members to make sure it was done right.


Of course, once the tent is down, it resides in small piles, ready for storage, waiting for next year’s Stage and Ops crew to build it again for the 37th edition of the Ottawa Jazz Festival.


Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with the setting up of this year’s stage and towers as well as all of the volunteers that took part in the tearing down of both stages on the night of July 3rd and July 4th and the volunteers that came for the extra unexpected shift on July 5th.  Without you, this event would never be taking place with the amount of success it has received in the local newspaper music columns.

John Messier

Your friendly Stage volunteers coordinator

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