Tales from the Laurier Stage: Gone International

This year’s Laurier stage saw a host of talent from across Canada and around the world.

It started the festival in Belgium, with Flat Earth Society jazzing up a soundtrack to a silent movie, moved a little south to France for DJ Clozee, and last night we went half way around the world to Japan with Soil and “Pimp” Sessions.  These guys were some high energy jazz that rocked the house.

Due to limitations in sound check, they were very late in starting. They didn’t leave the sound check until 10:30, with crowds cueing up outside the tent. They went on at 10:45 and played a full set to an enthusiastic crowd. They ended at midnight, and we agreed to have them play an encore to a still full crowd.


A few of the audience was from Japan (not here just to see these guys). I noticed one girl in the front just in awe the entire show. See the photo below – she has her hands clasp on her chest. She clearly was thrilled to see one of her favourite bands so up close. I spoke to her after the show and she was very happy indeed to see them.


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