Tales from the Laurier stage: Kids these days

Today, Sunday, was the second day of the Youth series. The stage crew at the Laurier stage put in a full day, cycling through five bands between 9 and 4. The youth series gives the school jazz bands an opportunity to play on stage in a festival environment.

There was a hiccup with the first band, when the backline didn’t include cymbals for the drums. After some frantic calling around, Grant came through with his own set for the bands to use. In the end, the first group went on a mere five minutes late and played their entire set. Even though they of course ran late, the stage crew rallied to keep to schedule such that one band actually stared five minutes early!

The bands, ranging from a 9-piece to an 18 piece, performed amazingly well. Listening backstage, you wouldn’t realise that some of these players were only in grade 8!

Kudos to the crew (Sally, Line, Brad and Cole) for keeping the very tight schedule in line with railway precision.

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